Friday, May 16, 2008

Port of Melbourne

Port Melbourne and the Port of Melbourne have been tied up with each other since the earliest days of white settlement. Port Melbourne people worked on the wharves as do some of their children today. The Port of Melbourne is our neighbour. Cross Todd Road and you're in the Port of Melbourne.
The Port of Melbourne Corporation intends to use Webb Dock in the future as a container port.
This will mean a great increase in truck traffic. That is why we are working
  • to ensure there is an adequate buffer between the port and residents in Garden City
  • to keep the effort up to create a Dockside Road inside the port to keep port traffic away from residents
  • to keep up the commitment to develop a rail link from Webb Dock to the Dynon precinc

    It is a concern that the Eddington Report (East West Link Needs Assessment) finds the present target to get 30% of port freight on rail by 2010 cannot be met and the Webb Dock Rail link is not even mentioned.