Friday, September 5, 2008

Travelling well

Port Melbourne Primary has been working with local residents and the City of Port Phillip to encourage active travel and ease congestion around the school. Several actions have been taken so far with more to come:

  • 54% of children came to school by active means last month (bike, scooter, skateboard) - a huge change - and up from 48% at the previous count
  • 40 km signs installed in Poolman St - a notorious rat run according to Poolman St locals
  • a 'kiss and go' zone has been introduced in Clark St to enable busy parents to drop their children off safely. This has created more order in a very unruly traffic area.

I will built on the support already given by Council to Port Melbourne Primary to encourage active travel to school.

Safer routes to Port Melbourne Primary are already in the planning phase, across Garden City Reserve and Poolman St to the school.