Saturday, October 18, 2008

More public transport more often

Knowing that the space taken by 60 cars is equivalent to the space taken by 1 bus and that
one tram can carry 150 people

I will

  • improve the connections to our tram stops and make them safer
  • strengthen the comunity bus service to ensure it meets the needs of residents
  • strongly support the work of SouthPort Daylinks and the service it provides to our frail and elderly residents
I will advocate to the state government for:

  • greater capacity of the 109 at morning and evening peaks
  • greater frequency of the 606 between Port Melbourne and St Kilda to strengthen the connections across the municipality
  • much greater investment and leadership by the state government in public transport
  • greater priority for the bus 253 bus service on the roa

To improve transport connections from Port Melbourne to St Kilda

I will lobby Yarra Trams to

  • align the 109 and 96 tram stops west of Clarendon St so that passengers do not need to walk between stops to change to the other service.