Thursday, July 30, 2009

Liardet Centre update

The Liardet St steering committee met for the first time since March. Representatives from LFK, the Albert Park College Child Care Centre, the community, the City of Port Phillip, state and federal government attended.

The meeting was constructive. Some of the points to come out of the meeting were:

  • the building condition audit recently undertaken shows that some immediate works are needed to bring the centre into line with current children's services regulations. They are being done.
  • it has identified further works that would need to be done to make the building fit for purpose

  • it was agreed that the Steering Committee should be advised about the cost and scope of the works before a decision is taken on whether to proceed with those works

  • all present agreed to continue working towards the project with all the parties present invited to contribute their vision, values and principles to the architect, Ian Perkins

  • the community representatives played a strong role as advocates for the community

  • it was agreed that a charter or memorandum of understanding between the City of Port Phillip, Lady Forster Kinder and APCCC should be pursued but should not hold up progress

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