Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Port Phillip Council meets in Port

The Council met in the Port Melbourne Council chamber last night as part of a commitment to rotating council meetings around the city.
Community members asked these questions of Council*:

What is happening with
  • having a toilet open and available in the Bay/Liardet St area?
  • interventions to make the Bay/Liardet Street intersection safer?
  • the gateway signage for Bay St consulted upon and promised?
  • a 40 km speed limit for Bay St?
  • the Council's attitude to the Port of Melbourne's recently announced intention to bring forward development at Webb Dock?
  • the long awaited beautification of Rouse St, west of Bay St?
  • the long awaited improvements to Bridge St, west of the Light Rail line?

Responses to these questions will be provided and reported back to Council.

* this is a summary

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