Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bay Street and surrounds

Over the past week, we have had fascinating conversations with people about Bay St: what they like and what they would change. There has been a remarkable consistency in the feedback. Nearly all respondents said they like the 'mix' of Bay St. They like the mix of old and new, the mix of people, the mix of building types, the mix of shopping.
They wanted the old buildings and features which give Bay Street its character, not only retained, but well looked after.
The most commonly cited service that is missing is public toilets. People use the 109 and 1 tram service, but very few people used the bus or knew where it went. The speed and volume of traffic was a concern for many, particularly the noise of trucks between Beach and Rouse on Graham.
Most people had walked to Bay St when we met them from surrounding streets.
There will be one more session in Bay St on Thursday 3 December 4.30 to 7.30pm near the entrance to Coles
Please come and add your views.

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