Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sandridge Rail Trail reopens

The Sandridge bike and pedestrian path has re-opened north of Ingles St. It is wider in some places than before.
What is your verdict?
Background Briefing on ABC Radio National broadcast an excellent programme on the growth in cycling and in cycling accidents. It explores the tensions between cyclists and car drivers and the approaches taken by various organisations to increasing safety for cyclists. I highly recommend the programme which will be repeated on Tuesday at 7pm.


David Thompson said...

I haven't ridden along the re-opened path yet but I have walked as far as Montague Station. My only concern at this stage is the sturdy handrail for the ramp at the Port Melbourne end of the platform intrudes a bit onto the track. It looks to be at elbow height and I wouldn't want to hit it as I rode past.

Nick said...

The new path and bridge over Montague St are excellent, wide with clear views of traffic ahead.
We lost the meandering path through the trees which was delightful but potentially dangerous. The impact of this path is much less than what a roads for cars require. We do not need to look far to find example of this with the enormous works being completed just to the north on the Westgate M1 Freeway.

Janet Bolitho said...

you make a good point about that handrail and I will take it up with Yarra Trams.
thankis for raising it