Friday, July 9, 2010

Council meeting at Port on 12 July 2010

The Council meeting will be held at the Port Melbourne Town Hall this Monday 12th. The meeting will acknowledge the significant 150th birthday of Sandridge becoming a Borough in 1850.

The Port item is a recommendation to place updated Guidelines for the Garden City Estate and Fishermans Bend out for consultation.

from the summary:
'... specific changes and updates are proposed in order to clarify the intent and effectiveness in protecting the heritage significance of those estates. ...
All owners of affected properties will be advised in writing of the updated guidelines and provided with an opportunity to comment on the revised guidelines.'

Click here for the full council reports.


Anonymous said...

If there have been 88 submissions in fisherman bend in 7 years with only 4 going to VCAT. Why change what is already a restriction on planning and house designs. Many of us with families want to live and stay in Port and were looking at these houses as a slightly bigger option. The 88 are hardly Caroline Springs extensions. I also think the houses could have slightly higher fences so children can play safely in the front yard. Come on council. Would the council not start encouraging the planting of trees and refer to a sustainable housing design ie water tanks solar power etc.

Janet Bolitho said...

They changes are quite minor and mainly to make the intent of the original guidelines clearer. I think you will find the changes don't signicantly alter the existing guidelines. Either way, please have a look and see.
Your point about sustainable design is well taken.