Sunday, February 6, 2011

Port Melbourne Waterfront: Princes Pier

Princes Pier has been a recurrent topic on Port Focus but its long term future is still unclear.
When the deck has been re-constructed, when the Gatehouse has been re-furbished - then what? What and how might these spaces be used in a way that adds interest to the Port Melbourne Waterfront?
Now that the restoration work is very visibly proceeding, [see the time lapse sequence on the Major Projects Victoria website] and completion is in sight, this question moves into the foreground.
The study area for the Port Melbourne Waterfront includes the Promenade, Princes Pier, Waterfront Place, Beach St [between Princes and Bay], and the Bay and Beach St intersection
Hope you can make it to the information session on Wednesday evening 9th February from 6.30 pm at Port Melbourne Town Hall.
For your reference, the Port Melbourne project page can be located by clicking here and then following the links.

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