Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bringing landscape and water into Dow St

The project in Dow St [between Rouse St and the Beach] will intercept stormwater into planted beds where litter will be trapped and water cleaned. The beds will be planted up to bring more 'green' into the street as well as reducing the impacts of stormwater borne pollutants and litter on the Bay. When finished it will be like a constructed waterway. Even before being finished, it readily accepted all the rain that fell last night.
The works should be finished about two weeks after Easter.
Dow St is an example of the City of Port Phillip's commitment to Water Sensitive Urban Design [WSUD]. I found this definition/description which I hope you will find helpful:
'WSUD . . . aims to ensure that water is given due prominence within urban design processes. This is through the integration of total urban water cycle thinking in the detailed planning and design of the built form. In particular, WSUD reintroduces the aesthetic and intrinsic values of waterways back into the urban landscape.' Perceptions of institutional drivers and barriers to sustainable urban water management in Australia, Rebekah Brown, Megan Farrelly and Nina Keath December 2007 Monash University, National Urban Water Governance Program, p13

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