Sunday, January 29, 2012


I've just taken a ride down to Sandridge. The lifesavers say that compliance with the new swimming zone at Sandridge is good. Jetskis are staying out of the swimming area. To see the boating and swimming zones that apply in Port Melbourne, click here. The yellow hatched areas for swimming only are in front of the Port and South Life Saving Clubs, and in front of the Sandridge Life Saving Club. Here are the speed and distance rules for jetskis which require a 5 knot speed limit when near structures and swimmers. I am told that is walking pace. What has your experience been?


FOPMF said...

I would agree. I have witnessed only one instance on Sandridge beach this summer where a Jetski ignored the no boating zone.

This weekend, ideal for the beach, saw the jetskis keeping out of the swimming zone and very little erratic speeding in close outside the swimming zone.

I have also seen Police water patrols from time to time.

Janet Bolitho said...

That's interesting. It suggests that it is in the areas not specifically designated for swimming where jetskis and swimmers mix [such as the one adjacent to the Sandridge swimming zone] that are more problematic.