Monday, July 7, 2008

161 Espanade West

Went past this morning to see this house being demolished in a cloud of dust. Sad to see all the trees go - the apple and the loquat.
Council approved this development of 4 dwellings: 2 to Esplanade West and 2 to the rear. Council approval was conditional on removal of roof decks and the elimination of a cross over/driveway to make the most of on street parking.
Residents appealed Council's decision.
VCAT upheld the approval and reinstated the decks and the cross over.
The Tribunal said:
'I do not see any need to delete these roof top decks. They provide additional amenity for residents of these dwellings and are certainly not unacceptable in the neighbourhood and they do not impose any adverse amenity impact on neighbours or distant residents.'
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