Friday, November 21, 2008

Priorities between Graham St & the beach

Improving the area between Graham St and the beach:

  • up the ante on dog an dog poo management. I will continue to work closely with Body Corporates on this issue. I support a review of the dog restrictions between Lagoon Pier and the Port Melbourne Yacht Club

  • complete the transformation of the previously industrial Rouse St area to high quality and attractive tree lined streets

  • improve conditions for walking and cycling to make them the safe and convenient choice for local trips

  • strengthen and improve the connections between your building and Station Pier and the Beacon Cove 109 tram terminus

Effective foreshore management

  • more effective beach cleaning
  • get stormwater drain outlets off beaches
Better cycling facilities: as an avid cyclist, I remain committed to supporting cylists - please refer to my listing in the Bicycle Victoria website for my specific ideas:

Caring for parks: We must commit to greater care for Lagoon Reserve as it sustains heavy use by sporting clubs, dog owners and general recreational users

Sensible financial management: These are difficult times and careful financial management is crucial.