Friday, November 28, 2008

Priorities for Port

Over the past four years, these are the issues that have emerged most strongly as priorities for Port

  • Liardet/Bay St intersection - making it safer
  • making our parks and sporting grounds more drought resilient, and better care of park and street trees
  • getting the full range of services needed for a complete community - including the new secondary school, a new place for our nursing home, and expanded family and childrens services
  • a new wave of local action on climate change
  • a council focussed on service
  • protecting Council's track record of strong and careful financial management
  • completing the transformation of the Rouse St area from an industrial to a residential precinct including street upgrades
  • taking full responsibility for Beacon Cove planning and management from the State Government
  • protecting resident amenity from the intensification of Webb Dock and associated freight traffic
  • keeping Port Melbourne a welcome place for everybody - regardless of age, income, status or life circumstance