Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Liardet St: where I stand

I acknowledge
  • the huge contribution of the committees of LFK and the APCCC to the care of the centres and our community's children.
  • the passion for LFK variously expressed as 'the vibe, 'the feel', the natural environment, the space and the opportunities for play

These are the reasons I support the recommendation that Council assume committee of management status for the land managed by LFK:

  • Representative role: I must represent all families in Port Melbourne: whether they need kindergarten, childcare or playgroup - or a combination of the three

  • Public Land: LFK is on crown land - that is public land. Public land is a scarce resource which should be used for the maximum community benefit

  • Fairness: it is not fair that some families and children should only have access to limited space while other families and children enjoy much more generous space

  • Protection of open space: I do not support any incursion into Lagoon Reserve for the purposes of the new facility. Lagoon Reserve is intensely used by dog owners, for sport and for recreation. It is the 'backyard' for people living in apartments who rely on it for open space.

  • Participation: The committee of LFK can maintain its independence and an independent service. The committee can influence and direct the flavour and atmosphere of the new centre

  • Community interest: I do not believe it is in the immediate community's interest to have two separate but related services next door to each other that are not integrated

  • Strengthening the range of services in the community: the children's services centre, together with Albert Park Primary School, and the new secondary school put the full range of services from birth to the end of secondary school within easy reach of local families

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