Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Liardet Street family & children's centre background

A pool of $4.5 m funding is available from federal, state and local government to create a new family and childrens services centre in Liardet St to meet the needs of families in Port Melbourne/Albert Park.
There are 3 sites involved - all on Crown Land

  • 81 - 85 Liardet St (CoPP is committee of management)
  • rear of 85 Liardet St (LFK is committee of management
  • 186 Esplanade West, Lady Forster Kindergarten (LFK is committee of management)

To optimise the limited space available for the new secondary school, it was agreed that a new site be found for the Albert Park College Childcare Centre. APCCC is in temporary accommodation in the grounds of the Port Melbourne Primary School. They need a new home.

There is also an extensive waiting list for childcare in Port Phillip, particulary in Albert Park.

Read the council recommedation at


or visit the front page of council's website for more information at www.portphillip.vic.gov.au

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