Friday, June 5, 2009

Following our recyclables to their sorting place

Councillors visited SKM recycling in Coolaroo.

SKM recycling process all the recyclables we put in the yellow lid bin. SKM collect recyclables from 12 councils from Port Phillip to Mornington. The plant relies on volume to warrant the high level of capital investment in a range of extraordinary technologies to separate the recyclables.
They told us:

Never put your recyclables in a plastic bag

Plastic bags are automatically discarded because anything could be inside - syringes, nappies.
All materials are on sold.
All plastics (except polystyrene) are separated by optical sorters.
Plastic film is difficult to deal with - it gets mixed up with the paper and cardboard and doesn't have a ready market.
Paper and cardboard moves through the facility very quickly
Broken glass is a significant issue in recycling. The small fragments are had to deal with. Glass is used in the manufacture of cats eyes, paint
If you would like to have a look at where your recyclables end up and what processes they go through visit
It is amazing reflect on the journey of a plastic bottle has been created from raw materials, filled, transported, the contents consumed and then sent by truck to a recycling facility in Coolaroo.
Even then it has not finished its journey.
It is baled up, put on a container, trucked back to the Port of Melbourne (19 truck movements a day) and shipped off to China to be made into another product.

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