Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Keeping the pedestrian zone clear

Revised Footpath Trading Guidelines have now been adopted by Council. The most important part of the guidelines from my point of view is the emphasis on accessibility. We are fortunate in Bay St to have wide footpaths which generally allow space for pedestrians and cafe tables.
Here are the formal words:
'The pedestrian zone must include an unobstructed pedestrian corridor along the footpath immediately adjacent to the front of the building line to ensue a continuous accessible path of travel. No items of furniture, including planter boxes, plants, advertising signs, chairs and tables, etc., are permitted within this zone.The pedestrian zone will depend on the width of the overall footpath in accordance with the Footpath Trading Guidelines.
Footpath width: 4.1m - 5.0m Pedestrian zone 2.3m
Footpath width: 5.1m - 6.9 m Pedestrian zone 2.5m'
There is further detail in the guidelines about umbrellas, blinds, heaters and other mattters.

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