Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Kyme Place carpark closes

The carpark on 121 Liardet St, commonly known as Kyme Place, is now being closed to allow the building of the rooming house that has been the subject of much discussion and debate in the community.
The carpark will re-open on completion of the project.

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Martin Musgrave said...

Thanks for the story, Janet. I have just been advised that Kyme Place will remain at a width of 4.51m for the duration of the development, which is not wide enough for 2-vehicle, 2-way access from the carpark at 200 Bay Street, Port Melbourne. This is unsatisfactory and represents an vehicular accident waiting to happen.

I was assured by you on 18 May that 'In regard to Kyme Place and the servicing of 202 Bay St for access by fire trucks and removalists, the laneway is to be widened from 4.51 metres to 5.50 metres as part of the project. This is sufficient room for removalists and emergency service vehicles.' As I understand it, the lane will not be widened until the development is complete, meaning that the lane will remain at 4.51 metres for the 18-24 months of construction. I understand that you were satisfied with this and voted accordingly. I wonder if you would have voted the same way had you known that access to 200 Bay Street would be restricted to one-way traffic during the entire peroiod construction?

I have been told that a traffic management plan will be put into operation. But I doubt that there will be a stop-go man at the start of the lane 24 hours a day, seven days a week. I know I use my car mostly on the weekend, and this is when a traffic management plan is likely to be quiet.

I seek an urgent meeting to discuss a remedy.