Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Good planning controls make good neighbours

An Advisory Committee is currently hearing submissions on the Port Environs Planning Framework.
The Committee is reviewing the planning controls for the ports of Melbourne, Hastings, Geelong, and Portland to determine whether they adequately protect the ongoing operation of those ports. Click here to read all the information about the work of the Committee and for the discussion paper on the Port Environs Framework.
You can read the excellent submissions made by community groups Beacon Cove Neighbourhood Association, Port People and PorttoPort here

The Council, in its submission, seeks [among many other things]

  • to minimise the impacts of port growth and related freight transport corridors on the local environment and on local communities
  • implementation of an efficient road and rail freight network, which reduces the dependence on road frieght, addresses road congestion, and redirects freight traffic away from residential areas

The Council will present its submission on Friday. The hearings are open to the public and are at Planning Panels Victoria, 8 Nicholson St, East Melbourne [on the route 96]

This picture is outside the port boundary, but the operation of these port related services impact on our local community.

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