Friday, September 3, 2010

Lights and upgrade at Sandridge

What do you think of the lights at Sandridge? And the rest of the works?
How well do you think they respond to the themes that came out of the consultation?

These are some of the things people have said to me:
'I would prefer that they were even'
'they call attention to themselves - I would prefer that they were more discreet'
'I think they create a sense of definition - they make the path'
Do add your comments.


Ellen said...

Hi Janet

I love the design of the lights. The distribution of the light on both the path and the sand is really good. The only negative is that since the lights have been installed both my daughter and son in law have found while walking their dog, drug taking Paraphernalia on the sand opposite our home. Some individual used needles and on one occasion a drug kit on some kind. I am not sure what can be done about that.
Ellen Merat

Anonymous said...

BBQ's and new playground are great, landscaping looks good. New lights dominate the landscape a little too much.

Janet Bolitho said...

wondering if the lights will settle in as the rest of the landscape matures?
Glad to see the playground had hit the spot with families

Anonymous said...

As a after sunset cyclist and a before sunrise runner who lives on The Boulevard, I am really thankful for the lights. I think they are visually appealing and make a great statement, a very European design which create a point of difference for Sandridge. My only concern is that there is still a big 'dark gap' between the end of the Beacon Cove lights and the start of the new lights. This is in some ways more dangerous for cyclists than no lights at all.

Janet Bolitho said...

I know where you mean. We have recently had a safety audit of the bike path undertaken (for night and day) which has made a series of recommendations which we will be implementing. I will check what is happening with the spot you mention.

Nick said...

I like the upgrades to the foreshore as they appear to increase the amenity of the area while making a modest impact and maintaining a Garden City feel to the foreshore.

The lights, well they're big and there's 15 of them, so for me it will take a while to get used to the change they make to the landscape.

Lights & increased drug use in public spaces, it was brought up during the Perce White Reserve Reference Group Meetings by Vic Parks and Vic Police as being a common outcome of light installation.

Douglas said...


i think the lights and upgrade are fantastic. My wife,baby boy and mothers group enjoy the play equipment. I have enjoyed the lights and landscaping when exercising in the morning with friends. Cant wait for summer and the trees to grow. Only suggestion would be some shade around the playground ?? or will this be provided by trees??
kind regards
doug johnson

Janet Bolitho said...

Glad your family is enjoying the Sandridge foreshore.
Yes, the trees are intended to provide shade in due course as well as to provide a transition between constructed and natural play.
I am not sure whether you have followed any of the debate from international speakers about the loss of nature in children's play, and the role of nature based play in children's development.