Saturday, January 15, 2011

Swimming areas

On this fine day when thoughts might turn to the beach, here is where jetskis are not allowed to go.

In Port Melbourne, there is NO BOATING
  • in front of the Port Melbourne Life Saving Club between Lagoon Pier and Kerferd Rd Pier
  • in front of the Sandridge Life Saving Club between the groyne and the alignmnet of Todd Road.

I recommend you look at the Parks Victoria brochure and map for clarity. Parks Victoria has the accountability for the safety of water users and control of vessel activities and is authorised under the Marine Act 1988 to issue infringement notices or prosecute people who break the law. The Victorian Water Police can also issue infringement notices and work in partnership with Parks Victoria on Port Phillip to ensure the bays are used safely. Parks Victoria's number is 13 1963

The zones are also clearly signed on land and with yellow Xs in the water.


Nick said...


I think the revised no boating zone at Sandridge has had a +ve impact. Jet skis are staying on the other side of the groyne and behind the poles much further away from swimmers than previous.

As it has been cool and the water murky much of this summer. Beach time for jet skis and swimmers has been down.

portfocus said...

That's really encouraging. However, as you say, it has been a most unusual summer with the heavy rain wreaking havoc with the water quality.

Wanderer said...

Today Sunday 23rd Jan 2011 at around 5pm I counted 10 jetskis anchored and using the small beach at the bottom of Dawson St on the south side of the jetty at
Earlier while swimming at Brighton beach 2 jetskis came in and I asked them to leave and they did.They were Russians.
I'm astounded at this,not only is it dangerous,if one goes out of control, they are noisy and polluting and limit access to the water and beach.

portfocus said...

Suggest you let Parks Victoria know what you saw and also liase with your local life saving club.
People sometimes say there is no point. I think there is a point to letting authorities know what is going on so they get a picture of the activity and that helps with their response time.