Monday, January 24, 2011


What I love about Port Melbourne is the views down the north/south streets to the water. This particular view of the Womens Welcome Home Rotunda at the end of Stokes St was sometimes captured in the background images of the operation of the Swallow and Ariell Factory.
I came across these delightful film clips of the Swallow and Ariell factory in operation in 1932 which includes this view. Click here to go to the website of Australian Screen Online, and put Swallow and Ariell in the search box. You will be delighted for sure.


David Thompson said...

Those 1930s clips are great! Don't suppose we know who any of the people are?

Anonymous said...

Another task for the investigator. Perhaps we should put the President on the job. It might be good to find an opportunity to show them at a meeting of the Historical Society.