Monday, July 4, 2011

Albert Park College Child Care Centre has had enough

Parents and staff at Albert Park College Child Care Centre anticipated being in their temporary premises at Port Melbourne Primary School for 18 months. Instead, they will have been there for 5 years by the time of the anticipated completion of the new family and children's centre at Liardet St. An application has been lodged to have the Lady Forster Kindergarten placed on the Victorian Heritage Register. The Council must wait for the outcome of the Heritage Council's determination before proceeding with the project - even though the same case was considered by the Heritage Council some 18 months ago. The hearing may not take place until September - leaving Albert Park Child Care Centre looking at being at their current location for longer than ever anticipated. The Council will work with APCCC to support the service through this difficult period.


Mick Swanston said...

Well it is about time that someone assisted this centre! All the comments and media hype has been about Lady Forster yet Albert Park College Childcare Centre's plight has never been mentioned.
I hope the Council will see it in their wisdom to assist them! I congratulate the Director and all associated with Albert Park College Childcare Centre for holding their heads up high and not becoming involved in the stupid disputes of the new development. I witnessed first hand their professional attitude at a Council meeting and they should be acknowledged and applauded. Keep on having faith your patience will win in the end!

Janet Bolitho said...

Mick - I totally agree that the Director and parent community of Albert Park College Child Care Centre have shown great professionalism in all their dealings with Council and community. But their patience has been tested to the limit.