Friday, July 1, 2011

Funding cut for occasional care

Families rallied on the steps of Parliament yesterday seeking re-instatement of funding for occasional care. The South Port Playhouse has been in our community for 30 years, enabling parents to 'take a break'. Funding for this vital service has been cut by the federal goverment. The state government has not picked it up either. South Port Playhouse is based in the grounds of Port Melbourne Primary School. Find the campaign on facebook, search by Take A Break.


Save Take A Break said...

Families across the State love the services that occasional childcare provides. It is a great alternative to full time childcare which is not ideal for all family’s needs.

Please show your support by writing to your State and federal MP's asking for funding to be reinstated.

Our online petition is available here

Our Facebook page is updated with daily news here

All support in saving these non for profit community based childcare centres is appreciated.

Janet Bolitho said...

I have heard from many families about the vital role this service plays in keeping families going. It is a crucial part of the mix of services for families. Keep us posted with what is happening in the campaign locally.

Anonymous said...

Hi Janet
Casey, Kingston and Frankston council have agreed to write to both Federal and State goverments about their concerns over funding cuts are Port Melbourne able to follow their lead? I will drop you an email - Thanks Vicky

Over 1000 signed

Janet Bolitho said...

Letters are in the mail. Councillors totally on board with your campaign to keep funding occasional care.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much Janet!! If you could circulate the link to the petition to anyone you think would be interested that would be a great help also.