Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Future of Fishermens Bend - count us in

Council last night resolved to write to the Minister for Planning, the Minister for Major Projects and the Chair of the Urban Renewal Authority advising:

  • Fishermens Bend is one of the last remaining areas of broad scale industrial land in the inner metropolitan area

  • Council research indicates that Fishermens Bend is a thriving industry, business and employment precinct of local and state significance

  • The Precinct's inner city central location, proximity to the CBD and access to markets, accessibility to Melbourne's port, rail network, and freeway network distinguishes it from other industrial areas

  • Fishermens Bend is considered one of Melbourne's pre-eminent high tech industrial locations and has attracted a number of high profile companies to invest heavily in the area

  • The area generates a wide range of employment opportunities and in 2007, there were 9,747 people employed in the precinct and 300 businesses

  • Council research indicates that very signfiicant residential and mixed use development opportunities exist in the South Melbourne Industrial Precinct located at the eastern end of Fishermens Bend ... And requesting

  • That the State Government confirm that the City of Port Phillip will be invited to work in partnership with the URA to explore the future of Fishermens Bend, including any planning for change to the land use of the precinct.

  • That the State Government confirms that the City of Port Phillip will participate in all decisions affecting the future of Fishermens Bend

  • That the State Government confirms that it is committed to first investigating the significant role of the Fishermens Bend area to the Victorian economy prior to planning for any change to the future use of the precinct


Justin Rainbird said...

Hi Janet,
It is now nearly 12 months since the Fishermans Bend urban renewal project was announced but it is still unclear where the boundaries of the project are. Does the council know the boundaries yet?


Janet Bolitho said...

Hi Justin Council has not been provided with a map showing the boundaries of the proposed renewal area. Part of the purpose of this Council resolution is to request that we be provided with that information. We understand that it is the part of FBend on the Port Phillip side up to the Westgate Freeway at the northern end. Will provide further information as it comes to hand.