Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Council meeting Monday 24 October: Bay and Bridge Gaming Application

The report to Council recommends that Council prepare a submission to the Victorian Commission for Gambling Regulation opposing the application for 29 new EGMs at the Bay and Bridge Hotel at 316 Bay St. The report suggests that an increase in spending on EGMS will contribute to a negative social and economic impact on the municipality. The submission will draw on Council's gambling policy which is available here. The meeting papers can be accessed from this link, or from the Council meetings and agendas link in the right hand menu. The meeting is at St Kilda from 6 pm.


Martin Musgrave, Bay Street, Port Melbourne said...

I support the application by the Bay and Bridge Hotel. Does the hotel have EGMs now, or is it just a TAB? I think the Council officers' report is misleading in that it says "additional EGMs" but does not outline how many EGMs are currently at the Bay and Bridge, although the rest of the report implies that the Bay and Bridge currently does not have any EGMs.

In addition, the terms "gambling revenue" and "gambling losses from patrons" cannot be equated. The Council paper suggests an equivalence in net terms that does not exist.

I consider that Council is being misled with this report. Having advised the government in this sector, I consider that I am in a position to comment objectively and constructively on this issue.

I fully support a vibrant and diverse entertainment sector within Port Melbourne. Apart from the Rex, which operates as a "club", there are no other EGM venues in the Bay Street Port Melbourne area. There are a number of venues that operate successfully without EGMs, but I consider that EGMs at the Bay and Bridge will contritubte positively in net terms to the community.

Please consider this when deliberating on the issue.

I have no connection to the Bay and Bridge Hotel and have in fact never even been inside the hotel.

Janet Bolitho said...

Thanks Martin. I understand the Bay and Bridge does not have EGMs at present. Our submission will be based on our gambling policy, previously adopted at Council.

Janet Bolitho said...

Council made a submission to the VCGR opposing the introduction of gaming machines on 9 January. The VCGR's decision is expected in February. The planning application has been appealed to VCAT.