Sunday, October 9, 2011

Council report: Submission to the 2011 Victorian Speed Limit Review

VicRoads, for the Minister, has invited submissions to a review of Victorian speed limits with a view to making them easier to comply with through being better coordinated and aligned with what people expect when conditions are comparable. The City of Port Phillip's shopping centres have a range of different speed limits - Acland St [30 kph], Clarendon St, Fitzroy St, Barkly St and Carlisle St [40 kph but for different hours]. Bay St and Glen Eira Road, Ripponlea are anomalies at 60 kph. Council will be submitting 'that 'all major shoping centres be consistent with preferably permanent 40 kph or at least 40 kph, 8 am to midnight daily.' 40 kph is generally agreed by road safety experts to be the speed at which a pedestrian or cyclist can withstand a collision and survive. It is unacceptable that with its high level of pedestrian activity that Bay St should continue to have a speed limit of 60 kph.

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