Sunday, November 13, 2011

Foreshore plan open for your contribution

The traffic lights at Pickles/Beach St have been modified to alert drivers to give way to pedestrians. I think pedestrians also get a short head start on the green light. This action supports principle 8 of the plan whcih is to 'promote safe and attractive pedestrian linkages, cycle and disabled access between the foreshore, urban activity centres and public transport.' Click here to get to the plan.


David Thompson said...

The 'short head start' for pedestrians works really well at the corner of Bridge & Bay Sts unlike the crossing on the eastern side of Ingles St at Willy Road where the cars get a 'short head start'!!!

Janet Bolitho said...

Thanks for pointing that out. I have noticed a lot of people walk that way into South Wharf and beyond. Ingles/Williamstown/Normanby is a forbidding intersection for pedestrians. I will ask our people to ask VicRoads who manage both these roads.