Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Reporting season - Annual General Meetings [AGMs]

That wonderful community organisation South Port Day Links held their AGM today. The fundamental work of SPDL is to enable people, regardless of their situation, to participate in community life through their programmes of community transport, Petlinks, Garden Mates and Walk Mates.
The gathering of members for the purposes of reporting, election, and recognition of contribution and achievement is an important part of the calendar of community organisations. I am so impressed by how professionally groups approach their reporting obligations and forward planning responsibilities. I would like to acknowledge committee of management members - their contribution in the governance role is under appreciated, in my opinion. If you haven't been on a committee before I encourage you to join as an ordinary member. If you've been on a committee for a long time, look out for new people to join. A balance between renewal and continuity works well. Our Port Melbourne community is a more interesting, inclusive and generous place through the work of these community organisations. Geoff Ellis, continuing chairperson of SPDL, is in awe of the contribution of SPDL volunteers, has made new friends and learned hugely along the way.

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