Friday, August 21, 2009

Changes to dog on and off leash areas proposed

People - dog owners and non dog owners - gave a lot of feedback during the dog off leash consultations.

In response to the issues raised, the following solutions are suggested and your comments invited.

  • to allow degraded grassy areas to recover: allow for temporary fencing in off leash areas

  • to reduce conflict with cyclists: require dogs to be on leash next to shared bike/pedestrian paths

  • to ensure dogs are under effective control: amending the definiton to 'a person with more than four (4) dogs) at the one time is not effective control'

  • to provide more rational arrangements that are easier to enforce: for the whole area between Lagoon Pier and the Port Melbourne Yacht Club to be off leash (rather than relying on an imaginary line extending south from Dow St)

Parks affected by the changes are Sandridge foreshore, Port Melbourne beach (between Lagoon Pier and the PM Yacht Club, and Garden City Reserve.

Comments to between 17 August and 20 September

To see the proposed changes in detail go to or visit the library/Assist on Bay St

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