Monday, August 31, 2009

Port Futures: what it says about Webb Dock

Tim Pallas, Minister for Roads and Ports launched Port Futures a future framework for all Victorian ports on Friday 27 August. Extracts of interest for Sandridge residents are given below:
"Key Actions

  • consider bringing forward the development of an initial module of terminal capacity at Webb Dock of up to one million TEU*, subject to a satisfactory business case and all necessary government aprpovals; (the minister thought this could take about 4 years)

  • maintain the existing planning reservation for the Webb Dock Rail Link [WDRL] for future consideration" [see p27]

Port Futures outlines why the return of rail would not be supported at this stage:

"Development at Webb Dock for large scale container handling has previously been predicated on the reconnection of the Webb Dock Rail Link. However it is apparent that a rail connection to Webb Dock would not be commerically or economically viable for an early stage container terminal development at Webb Dock.

Such a link would only service the relatively small volumes of interstate [Adelaide] and regional export rail freight. It could not, at this stage service the much larger metropolitan freight distribution task, as no freight from the port is currently distributed to metropolitan Melbourne by rail. For metropolitan freight, the link would only connect Webb Dock to the Dynon rail terminal and trucks would still have to pick up or drop off at this already congested central location for transport to destinations within the metroplitan area.

Connection of Webb Dock by rail could be considered in the future as part of a second stage of stevedore terminal development, should this be determined to be the preferrred location for provision of additonal capaicty tint he medium to longer term." [for more go to p21]

* twenty foot equivalent unit

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