Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Life support

You may have noticed the H2 pods appearing as an alternative to the wheelie bins for providing trees with recycled water.The H2 pods store 500 litres of water, rather than the wheelie bins which stored 240 litres, and are more attractive.
Water is released from beneath the pod at a slow steady rate, allowing tree roots to take up most of the water provided.
The recycled water comes from stormwater run-off captured in Albert Park Lake.
Here a pod supports the palm tree at the entrance to Beacon Road. This is also an opportunity to show the landscaping treatment at this significant entrance to Garden City.


Paul Hassing said...

The things you learn in this blog! Thanks for the interesting facts, Janet. I love your attention to detail. I'll never look at those pods the same way again! :)

Janet Bolitho said...

I am only following your advice of keeping emails with little bits and pieces of interesting information and then putting them in a context.