Thursday, March 18, 2010

Making multi unit developments more sustainable

The Port and Marine apartments are among 10 apartment blocks across Port Phillip to sign up for the 'SOCS and blocks' project, supported by the Council.
This trial program will provide an independent, external sustainability assessment to identify opportunities to introduce efficiency into the management of the block's energy, water, waste and transport. Blocks that commit to implementing sustainability become 'Sustainable Owner's Corporations' or SOCS.

I learned that there are particular challenges confronting apartment owners - such as who owns the roof? This becomes especially relevant when considering the installation of solar panels and water tanks.
What happens when other members of the owners corporation find environmental initiatives such as compost bins unsightly?
What do you do when the rules of the Body Corporate prohibit hanging washing on the balcony?

Congratulations to the proactive owners' corporations of the Port and the Marine apartments.

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