Monday, March 1, 2010

Looking after the trees in Rouse Street

The trees in the Rouse Street median have received some tlc with new stakes, a good water and replacement shade cloth.
I know I am not alone in keeping a close eye on their welfare as they tough it out in that windy location.


kerrie said...

Hello Janet

It's a pity you seem not to have noticed on your walks the newly planted flowering gums on Swallow st near the light rail intersection which had not been watered by Council over summer. I had managed to resurrect all of them with seasol and plant starter, but one of the larger ones then relapsed and has now been removed, a bit prematurely as i'm sure it could have been revived a second time.

You publicise one alleged success while ignoring all other new yet unwatered plantings. It is this arbitary approach to tree management which has led to Council's fiasco in Clifford street. Still no sight of you down there! All residents, bar one, have told us they want to keep the trees. The Mayor's response to our letter was feeble and ignored the serious lapses of governance whereby the resolution was rushed through with no consultation with public tenants. We are not rolling over. Replacement options are all stunted apologies for trees.

Janet Bolitho said...

Hello Kerrie
Every newly planted tree that dies is a reproach. Trees are put on a two year watering regime when planted. Whenever a tree dies, it is said that it wasn't watered. I have followed this up on many occasions, and have been assured that the watering does take place and have spoken with the person who does it.
However, we know we can do better on trees, so we are reviewing the way we manage trees through from planting to removal as well as developing a tree strategy that looks to a future where we have more trees than we have now. Yes, I have noticed those trees on Swallow Street because I go past often.

kerrie said...

That is my point, Janet. You have observed the trees on Swallow Street as you "go past often" but don't seem to have reported their withered condition (in Feb) to Council. When i reported them, the email response certainly didn't suggest that they had been on a watering schedule (hopefully the remaining ones are now).

Yet, as you believe the Rouse st. trees are deserving of proper care, I'm wondering what your criteria is whereby you take the time to ensure tree management is occuring.

The Swallow st trees are on the edge of this public housing estate. I'm afraid that as with the Clifford st tree debacle, (and a couple of other landscape matters i have attempted to get your action on) i can only conclude that this part of Port is not a priority for you - even though Bunna Walsh sent around a letter asking us to vote for you in the last Council election, declaring that you were a "champion of public housing." Gosh, politicians taking public tenants for granted - that's never happened before!