Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Change to the local paper

We've gone from Emerald Hill, Sandridge and St Kilda Times to
Emerald Hill Weekly to
Melbourne Weekly
Emerald Hill.Port Phillip

'We've been finding that fewer of our readers and advertisers felt connection with the historic term Emerald Hill, and that although the magazine has remained connected with the Port Phillip community, its title probably hasn't. We've kept Emerald Hill as a nod to the past, but added Port Phillip because it its far more relevant to the present and future....
But while the front page has changed, what we do won't' [Melbourne Weekly Emerald Hill.Port Phillip, April 21st, 2010]
What do you think?

I note that this week's paper included articles on Webb Dock and North Port Oval, a letter from Port to Port, and some spectacular photographs of Port Melbourne that are incidentally advertising some very expensive apartments. (one for $6m plus)

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