Sunday, April 18, 2010

Murphy's Reserve - how we're going

The reference group for Murphy's Reserve has met twice now. All the major users of the Reserve are represented: Hobsons Bay Dog Obedience Club, Dig In Community Garden, Port Melbourne Soccer Club, Port Melbourne Colts Football Club, Port Melbourne Baseball Club, Port People, Port Melbourne Cricket Club and individual members of the community.
Water has dominated our discussions: how the clubs are impacted when they can't use grounds or when they are in poor condition, where we will be able to access water in the volumes required into the future, and how to consider the water (and other) needs of all the users together rather than one by one.
Another theme that has emerged quite strongly is that not many people go to Murphy's Reserve unless they are members of a sporting club.
Last week we took a walk in the near dark while each user group talked about the key issues from their club's point of view.
If you haven't done the survey for Murphy's Reserve yet, it is open until April 30th at

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