Friday, April 2, 2010


This is the name given to the public art work on the western and northern faces of the recently completed Zinc development on the corner of Rouse and Dow St.

Read below and you will find the reason why:

'created by Ben Kluger, Garry Emery and Kath Forsyth with Peter Williams (project architect)
Pre-fabricated stainless steel sheeting with a duco – like weather proof finish
This artwork references the site's earlier usage in the 1850s as a sugar factory and the refinining process (the boiling of beets to produce a thick syrup. The syrupy drips appear to ooze from the top of the building and from the balcony level.

The work echoes large Pop Art based works of artists such as the oversized replicas of everyday objects by Claes Oldenburg.

This is Ben Kluger’s second public art project and the first for Garry Emery and Kath Forsyth.

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