Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bay and Beach St

Since the 'For Sale' sign appeared on the former Morley's Coal Depot, people have been wondering [and worrying] about what its future might be.

It is a significant heritage property in the Port Phillip Planning Scheme with its own citation which reads:
'The former Morley's Coal Depot is of local significance. It is associated with the prominent early local citizen and first Chairman of Sandridge Borough Council William Morley.'
[source City of Port Phillip Heritage Review Citation No: 689]

This is of particular interest in this 150th year since Sandridge was proclaimed a municipality.
It is covered by Design and Development Overlay 1-1b which provides
  • Less than 5 m from any road boundary: Preferred maximum height 10.5 m [3 storeys], absolute maximum height 13.5 m [4 storeys]
  • 5 m or more from any road boundary: Preferred maximum height 13.5 m [4 storeys], absolute maximum height [4 storeys]

The outcome sought is 'An open view of sky exists when looking towards the Bay from Bay St at its northern intersection with Rouse St and new development is not visible above the roofline of any building fronting Bay St'

In other words, very strong planning controls apply to this site.

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