Sunday, October 24, 2010

From woe to go

The development at 161 and 163 Esplanade West is now complete and occupied. Port Focus has followed this site from planning application stage, through VCAT, to completion. [see post of 7/07/2008]
I thought I would track some of these projects and would be most interested to know your response to this completed development.


Spencer said...

They're nice looking houses, although taken in context with the neighbouring single-storey houses then the roof terrace (which, thanks to the dividing wall between properties, is quite visible) makes it seem excessively tall to me

Anonymous said...

Yes. Council refused the roofdecks but when the decision was taken to appeal by neighbouring residents, VCAT re-instated them.
The Council has not been successful in a series of decisions at VCAT in refusing roofdecks.