Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Skillsfest: sharing skills for living in the inner city

Skillsfest is about skills that have been lost, skills to be re-discovered and skills to be shared.
There will be food growing advice for gardens of any size: window sill, balcony, courtyard or backyard. People will show how to make wicking gardens - those are gardens that optimise the use of water - and knitting - a rug will be knitted on the day. Also bike maintenance, composting, worms ...
Bring your friends - hopefully it will be a beautiful day like today.
Janet Hoare, coordinator of the Simply Living Garden, can barely be seen amongst the abundance that has been created in this place. Have a look at the post of September 29, 2008 to see what this area used to look like.

Skills Fest, Saturday November 6, 12 noon to 4 pm
Port Melbourne Uniting Church, cnr Bridge and Nott St

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