Wednesday, November 24, 2010

AGM Season 2: Port Melbourne Neighbourhood House

The Port Melbourne Neighbourhood House celebrated 25 years in this community at their AGM last night. They can be found at the corner of Liardet and Nott St.
Justice can't be given to the range and depth of their work, where they 'weave the social fabric' [Mandy Burns, chairperson] but here are some highlights:

  • 7,000 people participated in activities at the House over the year
  • The City of Voices expresses the essence of the House being a theatre group of people with and without disabilities, young and old, professional and amateur. 'The City of Voices created characters, scenes, text, music which I merely shape together. [Myfanwy Powell, Artistic Director] Pictured here is a scene from 'Waiting, meeting, chasing .. the Station' performed at a range of tram stops along Route 96
  • Kate Kelly, coordinator, spoke of the House's aim to go beyond social inclusion - currently the prevailing thinking - to active participation
  • John Dawes, volunteer, said that he has time to give, and wants to give it to this community he loves
  • The reception area is an entry point to programmes, participation, and training
  • Dig In community garden at Murphy's Reserve is a thriving garden and community in itself

Congratulations Port Melbourne Neighbourhood House on 25 amazing years.

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