Monday, November 8, 2010

What's happening with ... the Sandridge toilet?

People sometimes report losing sight of projects after the consultation phase.
The design of the Sandridge toilet was refined following the public consultation. Fitting into the natural, coastal setting was a strong theme from the feedback. The design will be put out for tender this month.
Have a look here to see the final design and the location [opposite Fred Jackson Reserve]


Anonymous said...

What was the logic behind the location choice? There are existing toilets at Sandridge Life Saving Club. There are no toilets from the far side edge of Beacon Cove beach to the BBQ's at Sandridge beach - near Barak Rd. It should have been the logical choice to position this toilet at the second location and thus enable people using the Beacon Cove beach/Sandrige beach(first point) and BBQ's to have access to toilets within a reasonable distance - especially for children. My friends and I are disappointed about the location choice.

Janet Bolitho said...

The on site consultations gave contradictory direction - generally people from Beacon Cove wanted it further west, generally Sandridge people favoured it further east. The toilet is not far from the new playground and is not opposite anybody's house. You make an important point about proximity to other facilities. We are finding that there is never an agreed or perfect location for a toilet that satisfies universally - what works for one group usually doesn't work for someone else