Sunday, November 28, 2010

How Port Melbourne people voted

As at 28 November, the Victorial Electoral Commission [VEC] had the two candidate preferred vote for the Albert Park District as
Martin Foley [ALP] 14,177 or 52.62%
Mark Lopez [Liberal] 12,767 or 47.38%
At the Port Melbourne booths, the results for these two candidates were:
Port Phillip Specialist School:
Martin Foley [ALP] 1,138, Mark Lopez [Liberal] 1,384
Fishermens Bend/Sandridge:
Martin Foley [ALP] 777, Mark Lopez [Liberal] 546
Postal votes and pre-polls remain to be counted.
Click here to look at the detailed results for all parties in the Albert Part electorate at the VEC's virtual tally room.

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