Friday, March 11, 2011

Liardet Children's Centre

Tuesday night's council meeting is at Port Melbourne Town Hall starting at 6 pm. The Port item on the agenda is a recommendation to award the tender for the construction of the Liardet Children's Centre.
For the full agenda and council reports click here.
Thank you to inportmelbourne who pointed out that I had mistakenly said the meeting was to be on Monday.
Perhaps it was in my haste to show this view of the Port Town Hall taken from Heath St which I thought presented a good face.


Anonymous said...

I thought it was on Tuesday (because of the public holiday).

Janet Bolitho said...

Thank you inportmelbourne. You are quite right. The meeting is on Tuesday. I have got into such a habit of Monday night council meetings. Sorry for this lapse.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the clarification, it could have been Monday. Not everybody gets a holiday on Monday, at least I know most universities don't get the day off.