Monday, March 14, 2011

The straw report 5

This is my final straw report for 2011. The straws will live on virtually when I talk about litter wherever I have the opportunity. On Thursday, I used them in a presentation at Frankston where they were reviewing their Litter Action Plan.
If you have ideas on addressing the straw blight on our beaches and in our bays, please let me know.
I tried to reference a pie chart here, which shows the major sources of straws being Macdonalds, 7 11, Hungry Jacks - I am not sure where the black ones come from.
People have had fun with this idea: the straw poll, the last straw . . .
Tackling plastic straws  like plastic bags - click here for more

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Anonymous said...

Straws , cigarette butts, glass, plastic bottles etc etc - its out of control Janet but I am glad you care and are trying to do something about it. I say we need State wide littering fines and heavy ones at that - this moronic behaviour has to stop! At the corporate level maybe this fine is along the line of Mc Donalds forced to pay 5 cents a straw for those respectfully returned to them ?