Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Protecting Port's heritage

I am so pleased the Council is reviewing the heritage overlay for Port Melbourne - known as HO1. Heritage overlays are a mechanism in the planning scheme to protect heritage values. For example: in a heritage overlay, a permit is required for the demolition of a building and there are strict tests as to whether a permit will be issued. If there is no heritage overlay, a permit for demolition is not required and other provisions in the planning scheme such as Rescode come into play.
The review currently underway is reviewing past studies and doing a walking review of the areas covered by the overlay to see what has changed since the last study in 1995. The review will also consider whether areas should be added to the overlay. The outcome of the process will be a more rigorous and soundly based underpinning for the overlay which will better stand up to challenge.

The real estate sign in Evans St advertises 'No heritage overlay' suggesting the house is available for redevelopment

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