Saturday, August 13, 2011

'Can we get a grand final like that?

'Port went from 3 goals ahead to just 5 points. Willie gets a free kick in defence. It's several minutes after the half hour in the last quarter. 2 kicks later the ball is sailing into the Williamstown inside fifty and the ABC flicks back to the studio for the 4pm program', writes a Port Focus correspondent. The final result was Port Melbourne 17 17 119 d Williamstown 16 18 114. Tweeters were not happy: 'Not happy - there was about 2 minutes to go', 'Can we get a grand final like that - better off asking the ABC if they'll show the whole thing', 'ABC makes an extraordinary decision to cut Williamstown-Port Melb game at 33 min mark of last term'. 'What what? ABC take VFL off the air at 32 minute mark in the 4th quarter with 5 points in it with Willi in the fwd line.'

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