Monday, August 15, 2011

Finding opportunities to increase public open space

The Victorian Environment Assessment Council [VEAC] has published a report and made recommendations to the Minister for Environment and Climate Change on public open space in metropolitan Melbourne. The report strongly affirms the value communities place on public open space and the contribution it makes to Melbourne's liveability. The report points to the limited opportunities for inner city municipalities to add to their their open space. Over the years, Port Melbourne Council, and later Port Phillip Council, has increased open space by reclaiming road reserves. An example is this area of Edwards Park to the west of this pathway [which continues the alignment of Esplanade West] that has been added to the Park. On the Esplanade East side, road reserve has been added as well - note the difference between the wide section of Esplanade East between Bridge and McCormack compared to the section between McCormack and Liardet St. I recommend the VEAC report. Its very readable. I have a hard copy if anyone would like to borrow it. Just send me an email.

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