Monday, August 29, 2011

Not happy!

The gutter outside the Exchange Hotel on Rouse St. With warmer weather, thoughts turn to the beach and bay. Yet only a block away from our beach, people are still failing to make that connection. The City of Port Phillip Footpath Trading Guidelines clearly state that 'Litter generated by footpath trading must not be swept into the gutter. It must be picked up and deposited within the permit holders own bins kept within the premises.' [1.8.4 p10.85] Besides, how can we make Rouse St attractive as a living environment when it is undermined in this way?


R2 Headifen said...

Well said Janet. There are a lot of businesses along Bay St. that have a lot of butts on the ground outside their shops. Coles is particularly bad with the seats outside on the footpath.

Janet Bolitho said...

Glad to say the Exchange was looking much better when I passed today. Agree that we have work to do with other businesses in Bay St.